New bike!!!

I don’t think I can possibly describe how happy I am with my new sponsor bike from T-bikes
Thanks to T-bikes for the sponsorship and to Continental and SRAM for extra tyres and gears. And not at least, a big thank to Jørgen Nielsen for speaking in my favour and helping establishing contact to T-bikes.

Now I’m more than ready for the start of the season with the upcoming races in April.

New Zealand 2016/17

3 fantastic weeks in New Zealand with my family has now come to an end and I’m now back in cold Denmark again. And even though I didn’t had the possibility to train as I do at home, the New Zealand bush featured not just only a lot of fantastic experiences but also funny ways of alternative training – both in bush-orientering, MTB in the mountains and foot-o sprints in out camper van but also in hiking and exploring the NZ-wilderness.

Impressions from the World Cup in Kaunas, Lithuania 30/9-2/10


World Cup – Day 1:
Finished today’s World Cup long distance with 43 km of navigating in the lithuanian woods in the time of 2:52 hours, which resulted in a 50th place. It was a long and tough challenge for me as the distance was doubled compared to the regular junior courses I use to ride – and with older competitors from the absolute senior elite in the world, I was eager to test my skills against the very best MTBO-riders. Perhaps I became a little to eager, which resulted in a lot of mistakes and time loss and comparing split times shows that I still lack a lot of speed and stamina.
Luckily I still have 3 more years as a junior and I’m so happy, that I can use this World Cup to get important learning for next years Junior World Champs – something that I really won today despite from the many mistakes and time losses.
I’m now looking forward for the middle distance tomorrow which is starting 12:30 in the forest of Panemune – can’t wait to get on the bike again

World Cup: Day 2
Today’s middle distance was really technical and required very good navigation skills to prevent getting lost between the many paths in the sand dunes.
Compared to yesterday’s long distance, this race was far more the distance for me and I managed to keep the focus and do very well all the way with the exception from a few wrong route choices and
very small mistakes.
However I still lost time as I don’t have the same speed as my senior competitors – but overall I’m very satisfied with the race today and finished in the 40th best time.
Tomorrow waits the last competition day with a sprint – starting from 12:00 in Lampedzia

World Cup – Day 3:
Today’s sprint was really intensive and tricky and the way to a clean race required a plan of navigating precisely and only going as fast as you were able to read the map.
Again today I had a very good focus and I did very well on the first half of the course. Unfortunately I eventually misread the map and started going to the controls in the reverse order – something that resulted in a big time loss of almost 5 min and I ends up as the 56’th best, almost 10 min behind the winner.
Tomorrow I’m traveling home from Kaunas with a lot of important learning and motivation while looking forward for the winter and for the MTBO-season2017 – and hopefully I can improve even more during the coming winter and increase my chances for a good result in Vilnius next year for the junior world champs.
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